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Dell R210 Chassis
Intel Xeon X3440
500 GB Sata Disks
1 Gbps Uplink
10.000 GB Bandwidth
Sas6ir RAID Card
1 IP

List Price: $169.90/mo
Discounted Price: $84.95/mo with code 9ZH5DXF3VI
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Disk Options:

  • 500 GB SATA
  • 1 TB SAS
  • 300 GB 10K SAS
  • 240 GB SSD
  • 480 GB SSD


  • /29: $10/mo
  • /28: $30/mo
  • /27: $60/mo
  • /26: $130/mo
  • /25: $250/mo
  • /24: $350/mo (Please contact with

How to reset Intel RMM (Remote Management Module)

Once the server has been assembled and all of its components have had their firmware updated (Intel Download Site) we configure our RMM via the server board’s BIOS.

  1. Turn the server on and F2 into the BIOS.
  2. Server Management Tab.
  3. BMC LAN Configuration
  4. Set the IP for the RMM
    1. In the shop we leave it DHCP so that we can remote into the server while here.
    2. Client’s site we tend to plug directly into the Internet and give it a static IP.
  5. Set the BMC DHCP Host Name
    1. Convention is a bit goofy (no special characters).
    2. image
  6. Choose User ID and hit [Enter]
    1. Choose User3
      • image
    2. Privilege: Administrator
    3. User Status: Enabled
    4. Set the user name: JungleJim
    5. Set the user password: Icanacc3ssthis (x2)
  7. We end up with this.
    • image
  8. F10 to save settings and reboot the server.

If using DHCP then check the network’s DHCP Server console for the IP that the RMM has picked up.

Open a browser and navigate to the RMM IP.


Log on with the credentials set. Barring two left thumbs we should be able to log in.